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Wreaths are expensive. They look really nice but I hate having to fork out $40 to buy a nice one.

Making a wreath can be just as expensive when fake foliage can cost $5 for a stem.

Follow these directions and you can have a cute fall wreath for under $10.


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Step 1:

Hand cutting

Cut out your pieces for your wreath base out of cardboard. If you are lucky enough to have a laser cutter, sign up below and I will send you the SVG for the base.

If you are going to cut the cardboard by hand, use the string, pencil, and tack to draw a circle.

Cut the string to 13 inches long. Tie it onto the pencil and tack the other end of the string into the middle making sure the string is 10 inches long from the middle to the pencil.

Draw a circle.

drawing a circle for you leaf wreath

Shorten the string to 6.75 inches and draw a second circle inside the first.

drawing the second circle for the leaf wreath

Cut out the wreath base.

Use the first cardboard circle to trace a second circle and cut it out.

Glue one circle right on top of the other making sure that the corrugation is in opposite directions.


Cut out two complete circles.

Sign up below to get the template emailed to you.

Put the first circle together then glue the second circle on top making sure that the interlocking sections are not on top of each other.

Step 2:

Now that you have your base put together, you will need a way to hang your wreath.

Use an awl to punch two hole about an inch aparet.

make holes in the wreath

Put the wire through the holes making sure to leave a loop.

leave a loop with the wire fall leaf wreath

Turn the base over, twist the wire together and glue it down.

glue down the wire

Step 3:

Cut out all the leaves. (Make more than you think you need.)

You can get the leaf templates here.

Start gluing down the leaves on the the side without the the loop of wire for hanging.

glue down the leaves
glue down the leaves

Step 4:

Once you have all the leaves glued down, start making the bow. First cut three leagths of ribbon 18 inches long. Form them into loops.

form the ribbon into loops

Stack the loops on top of each other.

stack the ribbon on top of each other

Use a wire to join the ribbon together.

wire the ribbon together

Cut a length of ribbon that is 5 inches long and glue it around the middle.

glue the ribbon on the middle of the wreath bow

Cut a length of ribbon twice as long as you want the tails to be. Glue the tails onto the back. Making sure that the decorative side is facing forward.

Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle to make it look nicer.

wreath bow finished

Step 5:

Glue the bow on to the front of the leaf wreath.

fall leaf wreath

Hang up your wreath and enjoy that you just saved yourself some money.

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