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My dislike for roses used to be as strong as your toddler’s dislike of broccoli cheese soup. I was a rebel and I refused to like something that everyone liked.

 Everyone sends roses. They appear in every classic romance movie and I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I wanted to be different from the crowd. You know what I mean?  

As I kept making paper flowers, I saw more and more paper rose tutorials. Paper roses that made me drool kept popping up like an annoying fly that wouldn’t leave me alone.  And, lo and behold, roses started to grow on me.

I would think, “Roses are beautiful in their own way.”

My taste in flowers are changing much like a toddler’s taste buds. I would still prefer to receive a bouquet of daisies like your toddler would prefer to eat a bowl of mac n cheese. But toddlers learn that broccoli cheese soup isn’t going to kill them.

I’ve also learned that liking roses isn’t going to kill me!

Paper Rose Template
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