How to make a Paper Cosmos

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Resize file to 7.037 wide by 10.416 tall.

I tried to have a nice flower bed at one point. It didn’t go well.

I planted lots of seed and the only flowers that grew were some cosmos. The flowers were pretty but they looked like giant weeds from the street.

I’ve never had a green thumb. Well, I take that back. I can get things to grow but I can never seem to have my plants grow in a way that looks nice.

My plants don’t die, they just look sad. And that is almost worse because you feel bad throwing them away because they’re still alive. But they don’t look good enough to keep.

Make the paper cosmos as a filler flower in a bouquet or for any other use you can think of. These cosmos go really well with my peony template.

Handcutting instructions: Cut a strip that is .25″x10.5″ or 7mm x 26.5 cm. Next cut a fringe with the slits about 1mm to 2mm apart.

Even though this template is no longer free

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Using this pretty boring looking button

paper cososmos template


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  1. Linda

    Love your flowers

  2. Melody

    where’s the free template for the cosmos?

  3. sunflowersummerco

    I changed it to a paid template and I can’t delete the Pinterest post because so many people have pinned it.

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