How to Make Giant Paper Sunflowers- Tutorial

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I love sunflowers and I really wanted to make a giant paper sunflower that looked realistic. I didn’t like any of the flower templates that I saw so I decided to make my own.

Used flocking for the center of this big sunflower so it would look less like paper and more like a real sunflower.

You are going to love how the center of this giant paper sunflower looks. It is easy to do and it is very sturdy.

If you are cutting by hand, this template is printable and very easy to cut by hand.

And if you are looking for more flowers to go with this diy sunflower, this template goes really well with my giant gerbera daisy.

You can buy the set here and make a colorful backdrop for your photos or to decorate your wall.

Even though this template is no longer free

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Using this pretty boring looking button


Resize file to 16.363 wide by 6.990 tall

Video Tutorial

Photo Tutorial

Cut out the pieces for your giant paper sunflower. You will need 24 petals, the back piece(dodecagon), and the center piece(the circle with the lines pointed to the center.). Cut the center out of chipboard or very heavy cardstock (I prefer chipboard.)

Bend each of the slit areas in the center piece.

Overlap the slits a tiny bit and glue it down. Glue the slits down all the way around the center.

You will get a dome shape like this.

Cover the dome with elmers glue. Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies.

Cover the dome with the dark brown flocking and shake off the excess.

Let it dry then apply glue in a ring around the dome.

Apply light brown flocking to the glue.

Shake off the excess.

Apply orange chalk pastel to the base of the petals. I like to leave the petals on the mat while I do this.

Glue on one side of the flap then place the other side of the flap on top to get a cupping shape.

Use a shaping tool(or credit card) to shape the petal. Don’t curve the petal too much.

You will get a shape like this.

Glue 12 petals around the back piece centering them on each side of the dodecagon.

Glue the last 12 petals between the first 12 petals.

Use a high temp hot glue gun to glue around the outside of the center. Make sure the flocking is nice and dry before you do this.

Glue into the middle of the flower.

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