37 DIY Easy Paper Wreath Crafts to Make

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Your front door is looking a little bland and could use some sprucing up, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a wreath for your home decor. They aren’t cheap Check out these paper crafts to make a very cute low-cost wreath you can be proud of.

Most people think that the only way to add some personality to their front door is by hanging a wreath made out of silk plants. But this can be expensive and not very creative.

With these easy paper wreath crafts, you can add some life and color to your front door without spending a lot of time or money. Plus, these crafts are perfect for any season!

A Cricut Explorer will make creating these wreaths much faster and easier.

You can make these wreaths with different materials like tissue paper, card stock, and even coffee filters.

Christmas Paper Wreaths

Gingerbread Men Paper Wreath

3D Christmas Gingerbread House Cookie Wreath Mandala Layered image 1

This cute 3D paper wreath will be perfect for your front door this Christmas! Using a hot glue gun to add a picture hanger to the back of the wreath will make it much easier to hang up.

Ceder Sprig Paper Wreath

<span style='background-color:none;'>christmas wreath</span><span style='background-color:none;'> </span>svg, green paper cedar leaves

You can find the tutorial for this cedar leaf wreath at Snow Day Blog or you can get the SVG file here.

Star Paper Wreath

A cute intricate layered wreath you can cut out with paper or a laser cutter

Geometric Paper Christmas Wreath

DIY Paper Christmas Wreath Papercraft / Decor  Geometric image 2

A very unique Christmas wreath you can make with paper.

Set of 6 Paper Chirstmas Wreaths

06 Paper Christmas Wreath templates Christmas wreath svg image 1

Check out this pack of 6 different paper Christmas wreath templates.

3D Paper Wreath with Holly

3D Merry Christmas Wreath SVG Cut File poinsettia flower svg image 1

I love the use of poinsettas in this paper wreath craft.

Gold Leaf Wreath

frosted paper gold fern wreath

The gold paper really makes this wreath stand out. Find it at Liagriffith.com

4th of July

Stars Paper Wreath

American Stars Wreath 3D Mandala SVG File for Cricut and image 1

Make this red, white, and blue star wreath for 4th of July

Paterialtic Wreath

Patriotic Wreath by Blooming Homestead1

This one look super easy to make. Find it at bloominghomestead.com

Paper Flower Wreaths

Cute Paper Flower Wreath Kit

DIY paper flower mini wreath kit image 2

This kit comes with all the pieces cut out so you don’t need to have a cutting machine.

Colorful Paper Flower Wreath SVG

Paper flower wreath SVG download DIY decorations image 2

This wreath comes with the SVG files you need to cut it out and put it together. It also has a photo tutorial on how to assemble it.

Paper Hydragia Wreath


This one looks like it was made with real flowers. Find it at liagriffith.com

Paper Wreath Kit

DIY paper wreath kit handmade paper craft kit holiday 3D image 2

This wreath comes in a kit so you don’t need to have a Cricut to make it.

Paper Leaves Wreath

3D Paper Boxwood Wreath Template  3D SVG Cut File  Cricut image 3

Very easy to make paper boxwood wreath to use to decorate your front door.

Spring Wreaths

Butterfly Paper Wreath Craft

Leaves and Butterfly SVG Mixed Leaves with Abigail Butterfly image 1

I would love to have this wreath hanging on my door. I really love the cute butterflies.

Paper leaf wreath

Leaves SVG Christmas Wreath Set DIY Winter Wreath image 1

I love the colors on this paper wreath.

Butterfly Paper Wreath

Fern Leaves and Butterflies SVG Mixed Leaves with Prairie image 7

The butterflies on this wreath are absolutely gorgeous! Find it on Etsy

3D Layered Rose Paper Wreath3D SVG Flower Spring Garden Wreath Mandala Layered Digital image 1

I love all the different flowers in this paper wreath.

Eucalyphtus and Hydrangea Paper Wreath

DIY Paper eucalyptus and hydrangea wreath

You can find the tutorial for the paper wreath craft at ogcrafts.com

Pinwheel Paper Wreath

Spring Pinwheel Wreath | Paper Wreaths | Bright and Colorful Door Wreath | Spring Door Ideas | www.madewithHAPPY.com

You can find the tutorial for this unique paper pinwheel wreath at MadewithHappy.com

Accordion Fold Paper Wreath

I love the colors used on this paper wreath. You can find the tutorial at TheCraftPatchBlog.com

Cherry Bloosm Wreath

This easy How to Make a Paper Flower Wreath DIY is perfect for the spring. This wreath uses watercolor cherry blossoms that you cut out and glue to a grapevine wreath. It is a <span style='background-color:none;'>simple wreath</span><span style='background-color:none;'> </span>that is beautiful and nice year round. The supplies include a wreath, paper, scissors, glue, and ribbon. #crafts #wreaths #spring

Print out watercolor cherry blossoms to make the beautiful wreath. Find it at Happy Happy Nester. This one is also a free template.

Hello Spring Paper Wreath

3D SVG Hello Spring Floral Wreath Mandala Layered Digital Cut image 1

Create this cute paper wreath to decorate you door for spring.

3d Layered Flowers Wreath

Spring Wreath 3D Mandala SVG Layered File Cricut and image 2

I love cute small flowers on this paper wreath.

Fall Wreaths

Fall Leaf Wreath Kit

DIY Fall leaf paper cut wreath kit  thanksgiving  fall image 1

This wreath comes as a kit so you don’t need to have a cutting machine to make it.

Fall Paper Flower Wreath

DIY Paper Flower Fall Wreath SVG Thanksgiving Decor image 1

This super cute wreath can be made with these SVG files. It comes with a tutorial on how to put it together.

Glitter Fall Leaf Wreath

Use die cut paper leaves to create an Autumn wreath

I love the added glitter to the wreath. Be sure to check out the tutorial at polkadotchair.com.

Fall Leaf Wreath

Fall leaf wreath

Check out this awesome fall leaf wreath that is very easy to make.

Frosted Paper Leaf and Berry Wreath

frosted paper leaf and berry wreath

I love using frosted paper for leaves. It makes them look much more realistic. Find this wreath at liagriffith.com

Old Book Wreaths

Very Customizable Paper Wreath

DIY Holiday paper WREATH TUTORIAL-map painted newspaper image 4

This tutorial will show you have to make this super cute wreath. You can easily change the colors to make it work for any season.

Tissue Paper Wreaths

Christmas Tissue Paper Wreath

Paper Holiday Wreath

You can find this wreath at LiaGriffith.com

Easter Wreaths

Easter Wreath with 3d Paper Eggs

Pasqua Wreath  Easter Wreath  Spring Wreath  Paper Flowers image 1

This paper wreath comes with all the SVG files you need to put it together for Easter.

3D Paper Easter Egg Wreath

3D Happy Easter Wreath Mandala Layered Digital Cut File image 1

I would love to make this paper wreath to go on my front door!

Summer Wreaths

Butterflies and Bugs Wreath

Boho Botanical Paper Wreath

You can find the cute paper wreath at LiaGriffith.com.

Palm Leaf Wreath

Paper Monstera Leaf Wreath

This awesome leaf wreath would be perfect for Summer

Paper Grass Wreath

This one looks like it is made with real grass. Find it at liagriffith.com

Valentines Wreaths

Paper Heart Wreath

<span style='background-color:none;'>paper heart wreath</span><span style='background-color:none;'> </span>with red, white and pink

Be sure to check out the paper wreath. It is a great option for young children with little hands to do.

Coffee Filter Wreaths

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

A fun watercolored coffee filter wreath. Find the tutorial at placeofmytaste.com

Whether you’re looking for a simple paper wreath to make or something more intricate, I’ve got you covered. These 37 ideas are perfect for any time of year and will help dress up your front door in style.

So get crafting and show off your beautiful handiwork to all your neighbors! Which of these paper wreaths is your favorite?

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