How to Make a Paper Stargazer Lily

How to Make a Paper Stargazer Lily

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Cricut Design space users- Use the PNG of the petals and the SVG of the leaves. Resize the petals to 10.895 high by 8.698 wide. Resize the leaves to 2.492 wide by 4.184 high.

Resize SVG file to 9.171 wide by 9.569 tall.

I have always loved stargazer lilies.  But I hate, HATE how the pollen gets everywhere. It would stain my tablecloth. It would stain my hands. And if my kids ever played with them, I would find pollen half-way across the house. 

I bought some stargazer lilies at a florist so I could base this paper lily template after them.  But when I bought the lilies, they didn’t have their anther (the yellow thing that holds the pollen) Apparently, you can remove them. Why didn’t I think of that!?

The florist said it would make the flower last longer and as an added bonus,you won’t get pollen everywhere. I wish someone had told me that before my tablecloths got stained.

The petals for these paper lilies are printed on the printer and then cut. So no drawing skill is required 🙂 

How would you like a free poppy template?

poppy paper flower template


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