How to Make a Paper Bleeding Heart

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Resize to 8.957 wide by 4.727 tall

Bleeding hearts are a weird flower aren’t they? Their name makes you think either your husband said the most awful thing to you or you just got stabbed in the chest with a pencil because your child was running with.

They also look like a flower that was brought by a visiting alien.  They’re just weird. But in a beautiful way. I hadn’t even heard of them until recently. My sister hadn’t heard of them. My husband cerntanly hadn’t heard of them. And unless you are a flower enthusiast, you probably hadn’t heard of them until now. 

It was a little difficult getting the paper to bend into the 3D shape of a bleeding heart but “It can be done”(I say this with a bravado voice as I point my finger to the sky)

I wasn’t sure if I would like this flower at first. When I made just one of the 6 flowers, it looked really weird. But when I put all the flowers together in a vase, they looked pretty. 

If you want to make a vase just like mine, I made it with white chalk finish spray paint that I got at Lowes (buy it on Amazon) and a vase from the dollar store. Don’t you think it turned out cute?

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  1. Vivian

    Thank you for the Bleeding Heart template, The real name of this is Dicentra, in England we also call it Bears Britches,
    Kind Regards

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