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Mandalas are lots of fun to create. I love all the fun shapes you can make.

These would look great on your computer, on the wall, or anywhere else you want to put them.

Mandalas are also a great way to add some style and dimension to your next project. There are many ways to use them and it is only limited by your imagination.

Some of these designs are more simple, while others are more intricate. If you’ve never cut a mandala before, start with one of the more simple designs instead of a complicated one.

You can cut all 6 of these free mandalas on your Cricut explorer or Silhouette! If you are lucky enough to have a Glowforge, you can even engrave them.

Don’t know what a Glowforge is? Check out my review. It is only one of the best crafting tools there is!

The key is to have fun with these zentangle mandalas!

free mandala svg files

Can you resize these?

These SVG files can be as big or as small as you want them to be. Just change the size before cutting the files. (Don’t make them too small or you will not be able to get all the little pieces out.)

Can I change the colors?

You can change the color. All you have to do is select it and choose a different color. Black is one of my favorites to cut them out in.

There are many other designs to choose from in my store if you don’t find what you need here. They also come in PNG format.

Here is an example of one you can get.

flower mandala svg file

Weeding your Mandalas

Weeding mandalas is the most time-consuming part. The best way I have found is to leave the vinyl on the cutting mat and weed from there.

Have a container to put the small pieces in(like an empty tissue box) or you will get little pieces of vinyl everywhere.

You will also want a sharp weeding tool and this is the best one I have been able to find.

vinyl for cutting our free mandala svg files

What is the best Vinyl for this design?

The best vinyl for these designs is oracal vinyl. It cuts really well and comes in many different colors.

Oracal 651 glossy vinyl is permanent and has a glossy finish. Oracle 631 is removable and has a matte finish.

Have fun with these mandala designs! You can use them for anything from shirts to phone cases or a kid’s room decor so choose the best type of vinyl for your project.

What are the cut settings?

The best cut settings are to follow the recommended setting for what you are cutting. I have had lots of luck with the settings that come with the product.

I used one of the mandalas to create this giraffe SVG file. You can buy this giraffe file here.

giraffe mandala svg file

I added it to my computer and love it! You can buy this giraffe file here.

giraffe mandala svg file

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