Simple Kid Craft Station: Creating An Art Corner For Toddlers in Their Playroom

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Having a Kid’s Craft Corner is perfect for keeping your toddlers happy and occupied. With the help of some simple supplies, you can create an art corner in their playroom- even if you have a small space! This craft station will keep kids busy for hours while they do fun crafts and learn at the same time.

1) Get a Table or Desk

Playroom interior with small table and four chairs. 3d render.

Kid’s craft corners need a flat surface to work on. The table should be relatively low for the little ones so they can reach it and not get frustrated while trying to complete their tasks.

The furniture is going to be for your kid’s craft station, so it needs to be able to withstand toddlers.

This table from amazon has lots of storage for supplies and is large enough for little hands to work on.

Get a table with organization built it. It will save you money from having to buy a bunch of baskets and containers for all your supplies.

2) Organize Supplies:

Put all the supplies for your kid’s craft in one place. This can be on a table, desk, or shelf. This is a way to keep everything you need together.

Organizing supplies according to type can make nearly any workspace more convenient and efficient. For toddlers, this is the perfect way to keep their markers, crayons, and paints in order!

There are many ways to organize supplies, but you will need to spend time deciding what works best for your space.

You can use a tray or basket, like the one pictured. Or you could make shelves out of wood and put baskets on them to show your supplies.

I really like using pencil boxes. They are low cost and they stack well.

Some supplies I recommend adding to your craft station are:

craft paper




glue stick or white craft paint (can be watered down)

googly eyes

craft foam

craft sticks

washable paint


You can find all these supplies on!

Pro tip: If you keep finding markers dry out on you, try these ones. They will last 7 days without their cap on. (I know because I tried it.)

3. Add a few chairs for kids to sit on while they work.

Having a place for kids to sit while they create art can make them feel like an all-star artists. It’s small touches like this that will help you transform your space into a creative oasis for kids!

Small and colorful table and chairs for little kids

You may be on the hunt for small chairs, but are having trouble finding ones that are affordable. This table comes with chairs with storage already attached.

While this is not the only option that will work well in an art corner, there are many more options out there. Some good places to look include Amazon or Target!

4. Hang some pegboard up so you can store art supplies and other items 

Pegboard is the ultimate tool for small spaces. It’s the perfect way to keep supplies organized and accessible while still maintaining a minimalistic look.

There are so many different types of pegboard available, from metal to plastic and cork-backed that you can purchase at your local hardware store. The style is up to personal preference.

After you get it hung, you’ll need some screws and hooks and then you’re all set.

There are all kinds of hooks you can use with pegboard, but the most common is J-hooks. They’re great for hanging craft supplies or even decorations.

All of these items are cheap and easy to find at your local hardware store.

I love to use tin cans covered in paper as a low-cost way to hold pens and paintbrushes.

5. Put Down a Rug

Kids and craft supplies can make a mess. This is our art area… pretty dirty right?

The perfect craft station for toddlers should include both comfort and an extra layer of security.

Rugs are available in so many different styles, sizes, patterns, colors, and materials that you’re sure to find one that fits your space. Rugs also come with their own benefits like adding warmth under toddler’s small feet and protecting the floor.

I have a Ruggable rug. They are amazing because they can be put in the washing machine if they when dirty. It offers a soft but durable surface and an extra layer of security against spills.

These silicone floor mats are perfect for toddlers too. They’re easy to clean and they have lots of designs to choose from(not as many as Ruggable though.) Cleaning up after craft time is a breeze with these mats!

6. Add an Overhead Light Source

Lights are an important craft station addition.

Craft areas for toddlers should include a light or two, especially if they are often working on projects at night.

If your craft space is in the basement, it’s likely they won’t have much natural light to work with and that’s where overhead lights come into play. Floor lamps and desk lamps are options. They help with visibility and provide a comforting glow.

There are many options for lighting to help your kids create in comfort. But remember, you should always consider how a studio will be used before buying anything, and don’t forget, it’s the small touches that make all the difference!

7. Display your kids art

image credit Design Improvised

Don’t forget that reason you started craft space for your kids in the first place.

Create a central gathering space to show off all their work. Your kids are proud of their art and you should be too!

Check out how these crafty moms display their kid’s artwork:

image credit The Idea Spot
Image Credit Stephen Edwards Graphics

(You can even get the “every child is an artist” quote to go on your wall here.)

Creating a toddler art area is easy and simple. Kids will create artwork for hours, while you get things done in the kitchen or on your computer. If your kids want to do arts and crafts, start with one corner of a room. You can use it as a craft station where kids go when they are bored or need something else to do. You’ll enjoy this space even more knowing it’s being used!

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