Becca's Family

What I do

I absolutely love paper flowers so I create easy, realistic paper flower templates. I love being able to share these templates with you. I create paper flowers because I love the challenge of finding just the right way to cut, curl, and glue paper to make a flower. I teach you how to make flowers with video tutorials.

Who These Flowers are For

Those who love to craft! You don’t need a Cricut or a Silhouette for most of my templates. They are also for people who have more paper in their craft room then they’ll ever be able to use.

Why Buy From Me?

I want you to be happy! I want you to look at what you’ve made and say, “I made that! It looked hard but it was much easier than I thought!” I will explain in the tutorial videos tips and tricks to make the flower turn out great.

I also provide a PDF and SVG so you can cut out your flower how ever you need to. Wither that is with a cutting machine or with scissors.

What do I do next?

Head to the tutorials or shop page to buy your new favorite paper flower template! Or even better, get a free template by signing up below.

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